Last month my colleagues Argenis Fernandez, Eugene Birukov, and I attended the All Systems Go! - 2019 conference held from September 20-22 in Berlin, Germany. All Systems Go! is a conference dedicated to Linux user space technologies. The audience appears to be a mix of systems developers working on user space and kernel adjacent projects from Facebook, RedHat, and various startups, to the consumers of these systems in industry, and the community at large. The conference was dual track, with each talk clocking in at around 35 minutes on Friday and Saturday with a few lighting talks sprinkled throughout. Sunday was a dedicated “Hackathon” for attendees to collaborate on whatever projects they want.

Microsoft was one of the conference sponsors, my team members and I attended to give a talk about the unique technologies we used to ship SQL Server on Linux, as well as evangelize Azure SQL Database Edge, running on ARM64.


  • Conference website: link
  • Conference schedule: link
  • Recordings of all the conference talks: link

Our Talk:

Our talk seemed to be well received, although attendance did suffer with our time slot being post lunch break and many people were still in line for the food trucks. The audience had good questions during the QA, as well as after the talk.

The slides are available on speaker deck:

The recording is available on YouTube: