Agustin Bergé wrote up a great summary of the changes 2015 brought to the C++ language, and what might be coming in C++17. The post is available here, it’s well worth the read.

Just A Quick Aside:

Looking at the list of papers from the C++ Standards Committee in 2015, one of the recent entries P0155R0 - “Handling Disappointment in C++”, peeked my interest a bit. During the past few years I’ve always been very interested in error handling techniques besides the standard return status code, or exception based solutions. In Handling Disappointment in C++ Lawrence Crowl compares two proposals N4109 - Addition of the Expected Monad and N4233 - A Class for Status and Optional Value.

I need to take some time and play with the Expected<T> style error handling and see how well it would fair in production code. Maybe in a future post?